Jordana Lilly is a California bred soft-core hippie with a deep and profound love for stray cats she probably shouldn't lure into her home but does anyway, music, and the magic of storytelling. Her ultimate passion is communication through various art forms. For business inquiries, bookings, or just to pop on by and say hi, shoot an email over to She won't bite! (Unless you're covered in chocolate. She may think your finger is a chocolate covered carrot and accidentally bite it. Yes, she eats carrots with chocolate. Fun fact no. 2: she also puts cookies in her cereal.) 

Upcoming Events: 

Creep LA Presents: AWAKE

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  • Someone stop her! She can’t stay away from immersive theatre for more than 2.5 seconds! Jordana is diving screams first into her 3rd immersive theatre show in a row this Halloween season. Critically acclaimed immersive theatre company JFI productions has teamed up with Mousetrap, a design agency, to create a 75 minute theatrical haunted house experience through an altered nightmarish world. This nightmarish spectacle is called AWAKE, and has already been featured by publications including We Like LA, PEOPLE magazine, Time Out LA, and SyFy. The show runs through November 4th with a possible extension.

  • Tickets available on Creep LA’s website:

Album Launch

  • For the past year, Jordana has been collaborating and working with several extremely talented creatives on the production of her first album. All of the hours, happy tears, cathartic tears, (mainly just a variety of breeds of tears), Jordana's is extremely excited to release her baby (as in her beloved songs, not a mini human). Check back for postings of live shows! You can find her single on Spotify and iTunes at the links below!


Press Quotes

“Within the past few hours Jordana revealed the track Step into the Light which cradles the listener in combinations of piano and bowed strings which gives the track a lustre that shines around the room bathing the listener in the warm glows of the composition.”

-  Emerging Indie Bands

“For 2017, goodness knows we need some anthems of positivity. This one by L.A-based singer-songwriter is just the ticket to end things off on our list. It’s about the very big difference between vulnerability and weakness, and about having courage to move towards something positive even when all around is dark. Apropos for our times, no?”

- The Deleted Bin

“Sometimes songs are just pretty; darn pretty. Yes, I know that's a rather shallow description of Jordana Lilly's debut release of her first single, Step Into The Light. This is one of those songs that turns into a moment. First, you begin to listen, then you stop what you're doing and listen more intently. By the end of the song, you're ready to hit the replay button, and somewhere during that playback, you're reaching for your favorite glass of wine. Call it a day friend ~ you're lost in the music.”

- The Digital Earbuds