“Jordana Lilly is an amazing soulful singer who basically defines straight up jazz.”

- Sound Kharma

“Focus is a quality slice of R&B and pop from this quickly rising artist.”

- Obscure Sound

 “Jordana is a singer/songwriter with an affinity for poetic lyrics. Her new song ‘Howl’ is amazing, the French intro really sets a relaxed feel about the song then the shift in energy when it comes to the chorus switches it up to a big, impactful sound. The song is beautiful lyrically, it’s definitely one to listen to in the bath with a glass of wine (or your choice of non-alcoholic beverage)!”

- Audiotox

“Jordana Lilly usually finds a way to bridge the pop and R&B worlds with her music. Her single “Push & Pull” is a clever blend of exciting indie-pop melodies and contemporary rhythms. With heartfelt lyrics coupled with a sultry, passionate and soulful vocal delivery, the singer/songwriter does craft songs that are vibey yet emotive. “Push & Pull”, which inculcates these aesthetics, now has been followed by another song, “Howl”, which the artist released a couple of days ago. These two records are precursors to her upcoming debut album, which is due later in May

- Airpate

“Push & Pull” is a successful new track from Jordana Lilly, a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter who infuses old-school R&B with a modern pop shine. Lyrics like “I’ve got him screaming my name, and he learned it yesterday,” combine with suave orchestral flourishes and a hypnotic rhythmic backing for an emotive, seductive success. The lyrical sentiments – encompassing “one night stands, compartmentalizing, and animal instincts,” – combine with a memorable melodic construction to remain wholly accessible, while still separating from the hordes of modern R&B, touting a distinctive sound and convincing nocturnal atmosphere.”

             - Obscure Sound

(Translated into English) “Push & Pull is the Los Angeles singer Jordana Lilly's latest single. It is a song that smells of R&B while it feels like a modern pop song carried by an antemic feeling.The text of the song describes a feeling that one wants both to end and not and she gets the message of the text with a terribly good and convincing feeling.
On her social media it is rumored that she is just working with a number of exciting producers and songwriters and if everything goes as it should, she will release her debut album during the year.”

            - Popmani

“Within the past few hours Jordana revealed the track Step into the Light which cradles the listener in combinations of piano and bowed strings which gives the track a lustre that shines around the room bathing the listener in the warm glows of the composition.”

- Emerging Indie Bands

“For 2017, goodness knows we need some anthems of positivity. This one by L.A-based singer-songwriter is just the ticket to end things off on our list. It’s about the very big difference between vulnerability and weakness, and about having courage to move towards something positive even when all around is dark. Apropos for our times, no?”

- The Deleted Bin

“Sometimes songs are just pretty; darn pretty. Yes, I know that's a rather shallow description of Jordana Lilly's debut release of her first single, Step Into The Light. This is one of those songs that turns into a moment. First, you begin to listen, then you stop what you're doing and listen more intently. By the end of the song, you're ready to hit the replay button, and somewhere during that playback, you're reaching for your favorite glass of wine. Call it a day friend ~ you're lost in the music.”

- The Digital Earbuds